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Potential Payments Delays

Several of our test payments through JP Morgan Chase have not landed on time for this morning’s 8:30am ET ACH window. Based on this information, it is likely that payments will be delayed for some of your customers. What we have identified: Check sends several debit + credit canary test payments out during all money movement transfer windows to ensure that payments land on time. This morning’s payments did not settle at their usual time and are now beyond the 8:30am ET ACH settlement window, which may indicate that some customer payments due to be paid out this morning are delayed. Note however that we have seen our aggregate bank balance in JP Morgan Chase increase overnight, indicating that some money movement has been successful. As a reminder, please note that the statuses in Check’s system assume payment success, and are currently not reliable indicators of whether a payroll has successfully been paid. Customer impact: All customers who were meant to be debited and credited today are potentially impacted. For more detail on affected customers, please see the file [2023-07-20] Delayed Payments by going to the Incidents folder of our Shared Google Drive. Note that these delays do not impact payments to tax agencies. What action is required: At this time, we do not recommend that you reach out proactively to customers. Rather, we suggest you brief your Support teams to be prepared to speak to any delay and planned resolution. Please let us know if you hear any reports of delayed payments from your customers. When we plan to next follow up: We will follow up by no later than 10:00am ET with additional information. Check takes paying people on time seriously. We apologize for the delay and are working hard to rectify the situation and get all impacted persons paid out today. Please reach out to [email protected] or via our Support Portal if you have any questions.

Created 5 months ago