SDGE Outage and Login Problems

SDGE Outage and Login Problems


San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) provides its consumers with electrical energy and gas in Orange County and San Diego, which is owned through Sempra Power. However what occurs when there is a SDGE outage? What occurs is that you just as a buyer wishes solutions or want to query why the service has long gone down, and right here you’ll be able to do exactly that.


SDG&E has 3.3 Million+ consumers with round 840,000 plus being for herbal fuel and 1.4 million+ being via electrical meters.

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Probably the most primary problems with the carrier can come with login failure, website online being down, good meters no running and worse case is a complete black out with a gas and power outage. Please report under if you’re being affected with outages!

To determine if SDGE is down at this time, see reports under.